What does your design style say about your personality?

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What does your design style say about your personality?

You could be one for believing that our homes are merely functional spaces, which to an extent is true but at Norton & Rogers, we believe that how you choose to style your home can say a lot about your personality.

Let’s look at a few examples:


Elle Decor

Norton_&_Rogers-Elle_DecorAccording to Elle Décor If you love design elements from the Victorian Period, one might argue that you want people to perceive you as sophisticated and elegant. While one who gravitates towards the Art Deco look would more likely be viewed as artsy or a deep thinker.


Huffington Post

Norton_&_Rogers_HuffpostHuffington Post state that A home or office with an open floor plan shows that there is a sense of family and togetherness. It feels like there is nothing off limits and that everyone is welcome in all areas. Closed-off floor plans, though essential in some office settings, give off a more limited feeling and imply that visitors are unwelcome in these areas. An open floor plan also makes an area seem larger than it is, particularly if natural lighting is maximized.



\\DM-HQ-DC-01-16\FolderRedirections$\jslater\Desktop\Norton_&_Rogers_-_Livespace.comLivespace have charted the seven most popular design styles to suit your personality type, in which they feature vintage charm, which tends to suit those who are determined, motivated and often perfectionists and the simplistic Scandinavian trend that appeals to people who identify with sociable and chic personality traits.


Unique pieces to suit your home


When working with our clients to design the perfect bespoke cabinets for their home our team of design consultants and master craftsmen work together to produce unique pieces to suit not only your home but also your personality.

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