The Hidden Effects Your Room Design can have on Your Mood

Norton & Rogers - Effects on your Mood

The Hidden Effects Your Room Design can have on Your Mood

When we think about it, of course, our homes interior design is going to influence our mood. However, it is quite easy to let these causes go unnoticed when a solution is often simpler than we think!


Functionality and Layout


Let’s start with our room functionality and layout. Furniture can have a negative effect on your mood if it is:

a) Not fit for its original purpose
b) Does not fit the space correctly
c) No longer suits your design scheme


Design Conundrum


Room Design - norton and rogersA room design featuring any of these issues will undoubtedly leave you with a lack of desire to enjoy the space for what it’s worth.

Not sure what it is about your space that is putting you in a bad mood? Ask yourself these questions to get to the bottom of your design conundrum.

1) How do you feel when entering your room?
2) Why did you choose your current pieces of furniture and the overall colour scheme?
3) Is the design fit for purpose? For example, in the bedroom does the décor leave you feeling calm and peaceful?
4) Does the layout of your room work for you?

Feng Shui


Norton-&-Rogers_Feng_ShuiFinally, don’t forget to think about the Feng Shui of your room. You may think it’s silly but research has proven that the elements of Feng Shui will have a positive effect on your mood. For example, introducing storage solutions to limit clutter and preventing blocks in the room layout will all work together to enable you to enjoy your space.

Norton & Rogers create bespoke cabinets that can be both freestanding and fitted accordingly and are all designed with your space in mind, to leave with a feeling of desire to be in and enjoy your room.

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