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Norton & Rogers Master craftsman cabinet makers are here to help you create the furniture of your dreams by incorporating your wishes together with beautiful design, quality and craftsmanship resulting in bespoke pieces that are stunning and timeless.

Whether you are looking for a new kitchen, an individually created designed dressing room, utility or boot room, Norton & Rogers can provide the perfect solution.

NB. Our site is currently under development, however, we wanted to give our clients a taste of what’s to come..

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We’re a team.

The Norton and Rogers team came together in late 2016 when the two team members worked on a project as individuals, a few weeks into the project, it was quickly understood that the two main business partners had very different skill sets, that when combined would be a strong force in any industry, but more so in a cabinet making business as a combined experience of two of the now four team members totalled a massive 30 years in the industry and would be a great strength and asset to Norton and Rogers very unique British brand.

The company was then launched in 2017 when premises were found, the two main team members then went about setting up a workshop to harness and produce master craftsmanship like no other.

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